Are you a Veteran who is ready to start a small business?

We can help! Contact us for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We take the time to better understand your personal and business goals. Our legal experts will explain the types of business entities available, help you decide which one is best for you, and then help you form your business entity!

Do you already have a business entity but need help maintaining the corporate records?

We can still help! Once your entity is formed there are a number of legal compliance requirements that new business owners often overlook are just don’t know about. If you have corporate records but are not sure they have been properly maintained, we can review them for you, outline what you need, and help you get them back into compliance.

For Inquiries Call Us at

(657) 223-3558

    We are a small law firm with a passion for helping small business owners who are also Veterans. Veterans sacrifice so much and often need the most help when they come back and have to start making ends meet for their family.

    Our main services include:

    • Business Entity Formation (Corporations and LLCs)
    • Annual Records Maintenance and Required State/Federal Filings
    • Corporate Records Review and Repair
    • “Attorney on Call” (low monthly subscription enabling business owners to have an open communication line their attorney and avoid the billable hours)

    All of our services are provided by licensed attorneys with years of experience in the field of business and corporate law. We offer the same services as the leading incorporation attorneys in the Orange County area at a much lower price range to make these services easily available to veterans in need. We strive to protect those who have protected us and our freedoms.